The anthropologist Luiz Eduardo Soares was the speaker of the webinar Militias and electoral capture.

Na Last Wednesday (28th), the anthropologist Luiz Eduardo Soares was categorical, during the “Foro Inteligência”, about the increase in political ambitions of the militias in the next elections.  “The fight against militias is not only a matter of public security, but a vital issue for the survival of Brazil’s democracy”. Soares also criticized the lethargy of politicians and parties that continue with their own projects without understanding the urgency and severity of the current moment, remaining inert to the advance of the degradation of institutions by the militias.

For the expert in public security policy, preventing the election of militiamen is not enough. They have the support and complicity of the institutions, which in turn lack democratic commitment. Therefore, Soares believes that the way out for combating these criminal organizations is the broad mobilization of society.

In tracing the genealogy of the militias, the anthropologist classified the police as “incubators of the militias”, which, in turn, benefit from the police, either by pointing areas for raids with the elimination of competitors and of traffickers, the cooptation and subordination of survivors; being it get weapons. He concludes: “The state was not able to fight the militias or is not willing to do so.”

Watch the webinar Militias and Election Capture below:

How can we ensure that the free vote is respected?

Less than a month before the elections, the militias are increasingly articulate and powerful, showing themselves as a threat project to the democratic rule of law.

Half of Rio’s neighborhoods are under the control of these criminal organizations. In addition to controlling basic services, such as gas distribution, and maintaining a close relationship with the Military Police and drug trafficking, the militias advance on politics and plan an electoral expansion. To do so, they infiltrated Pentecostal churches and approached community leaders.

What is the power of influence of militias in the electoral process? Is national public security policy appropriate to the challenges facing the country? These are some questions that anthropologist Luiz Eduardo Soares will answer tomorrow at the “Foro Inteligência”.