The Foro Inteligência is a partnership between Insight Inteligência and BRICS Policy Center, the result of academic collaboration with the magazine, focused on multidisciplinary essays.

Edited by Insight Comunicação, the publication is known for its intense knowledge production and the exchange of ideas from diverse currents of thought.

BRICS Policy Center is one of the most respected independent centers of reflection and study in the country. With headquarters in Casa Affonso Arinos, Rio de Janeiro, it is a reference of intellectual production in the area of International Relations.

The initiative is supported by the Institute of International Relations of the university PUC-Rio, a center of excellence in the area of International Relations in Brazil.

With Foro Inteligência, the two institutions unite their platforms of knowledge creation, leveraging the reach of debates and ideas.


Paulo Esteves
Director of BRICS Policy Center and Professor at the Institute of International Relations of PUC-Rio.

Marcio Scalércio
Professor at the Institute of International Relations of PUC-Rio.

Francisco Ourique
Director of Insight Comunicação

Kelly Nascimento
Director of Insight Comunicação


BRICS Policy Center

Executive Board

Luís Fernandes

Paulo Esteves

Marta Fernández

Insight Inteligência

Editorial Board

Adalberto Cardoso

Alexandre Falcão

Antônio Dias Leite Júnior +

Coriolano Gatto

Edson Nunes

Emir Sader

João Sayad

Joaquim Falcão

José Luís Fiori

Lucia Hippolito

Luiz Cesar Telles Faro

Luiz Orenstein

Luiz Roberto Cunha

Marcia Neder

Marco Antonio Bologna

Marcus Fabiano Gonçalves

Mário Machado

Mário Possas

Nélson Eizirik

Paulo Guedes

Renê Garcia

Rodrigo de Almeida

Sulamis Dain

Vicente Barreto

Wanderley Guilherme dos Santos +